How To Log Your Miles

You will be logging your miles directly into the RunSignUp System. Please follow the instructions below. More how-to docs and videos will be published soon.

This assumes you are signed into RunSignup. (Instructions to log miles without signing into RunSignup will be posted in a separate article).

Step 1

Click on Find a Participant

Step 2

Search by Name or by Email Address and hit “Lookup Registration”

Step 3

This will show your profile. Click on the Log Activities Option

Step 4

Choose your Activity type, Date of activity, Distance in Miles, Comment (Optional), and choose to Submit Activity.

(If you have done multiple workouts in a single day or you would like to enter multiple days workouts, hit “+ Add Another Activity” option to submit miles)

Step 5

If you want to enter your distance in km, just choose “Convert From” below the “Distance in Mi” field, choose KM, enter your distance in km and hit convert

Step 6

Click Submit Activity. You will see a confirmation page showing your activity has been saved

Click “Back to Results”

Step 7

The Summary Page will show your ‘Total Distance Logged’ and a summary of your activity. You can edit/delete your activity from this page as well. You can bookmark this link. This will be your personal custom link