frequently asked questions

Got questions about the Ultimate Virtual Race of New Zealand? You should find answers to most questions you have here. But if you don't, please contact us. Additional FAQs will be added as we get questions in from entrants

When does the race start?

You can start anytime you want during 2022. Obviously, the earlier you start the more time you have to complete the event. For example, if you started on 1 March you'd have 305 days of the year left to complete the event which means only needing to complete an average of 6.9km a day to hit the 2,099 km target.

Is there a cut off finish date?

You can complete the distance at your own pace, taking as long as  you wish. The cut off date is 31 Decl 2022, at which point all mileage has to have been logged into our system..

Bling - Is there a finishers medal?

Heck Yeah (and it's epic!!)

Virtual Race of NZ medal

What are the prizes?

The NZ tourism industry has faced huge challenges over the last two years with Covid travel restrictions due to NZ border restrictions. Despite this, last year New Zealand tourism operators generously donated a large number of amazing travel prizes. As at Feb 2022 we are endeavouring to secure similar commitments for the 2022 event.  

In 2021 there were two major prizes, each for two people. Both prizes consisting of unforgettable tourism experiences from around New Zealand donated by local tourism operators. Estimated value of each major prize is $15,000.

These major prizes were awarded by a random draw - not for crossing the line first (something which can't be monitored in a virtual event). The main prizes were drawn 31 December and you didn't have to have completed the distance to be eligible to win.

Throughout the challenge, we also awarded fantastic spot prizes.

For more details about prizes check out the Prizes page 

What currency is the entry fee?

All entry fees are displayed and charged in USD. The event is open to entrants all over the world and the event management and registration platform is also US-based technology.

Can I use my daily steps around the office or home?

In the spirit of the event, we have chosen to only allow “intentional exercise” so walking around the house, doing the shopping, steps at work etc should not be calculated. You can however use your commute to work if you walk, cycle or run.

How do teams work?

The team’s option is not a relay race. You can create a team of up to 10 people to collectively complete the distance. You each log your mileage individually and our system combines the total towards the overall distance.

This is a great option for corporates and if you want to create a social option with friends of varying abilities and or exercise preferences.

How many members make up a team?

Teams consist of 1 – 10 members.

Can we start a team with less than 10 people, and then add more as we go?

Yes. As long as the new member is a newly registered member; NOT someone who comes off of another team.

Can we enter a corporate team?

Absolutely - you can either follow the normal team entry process and add additional participants on the one entry or contact us directly and we will invoice you.

How do I log my mileage?

The first step is to create a Sodisp account. You can either enter a username and password or connect using one of the available direct integrations to popular fitness platforms.- Once you are connected with your event you can start entering activities. You can open the Connections section in your profile to connect your sodisp account with popular GPS devices and apps. Doing this has the benefit of automatically syncing your activities straight from the watch/app into your virtual event with no manual steps in between! -When the event allows, you can also do manual entry of your activities if you don't have (or don't want to use) a GPS watch or app.

If you get the message "You already have a connected account' when trying to connect with Garmin or Strava" follow the steps here

Registration FAQs

For 2022 the Ultimate Virtual Race of New Zealand has switched to using Sodisp and for registration and event management. There are numerous great FAQ responses and tutorials available and the links below will direct you to them.

How to Register for a Race
How to Resend Confirmation Email
How to View/Edit Registration If you registered for a Race
How to Transfer to Another Runner
How To Create/Join a New Team/Group
How To Join an Existing Team/Group
How To View My Team/Group

How To Manage My Team/Group
How To Invite Others To Join Your Team/Group

How do I Refer a Friend?