Mohaka Rafting

Prize: Mohaka River Grade 3 - The Whitewater Plunge

Local river guide, Norm Brown, began Mohaka Rafting with the desire to introduce people to the stunning Mohaka River Valley. His efforts have enabled locals and visitors from around the world to experience this beautiful river and its amazing whitewater.

The Grade 3 starts with easy to navigate Grade 2 rapids, and a number of short flatwater sections. For first time rafters, this is a great chance to get comfortable and familiar with paddling the boat before challenging some of the larger rapids on the run.

This section has a number of opportunities to get out of the raft and explore the surroundings. You can jump off a cliff or check out some neat rock formations. Getting into the wild of New Zealand has its benefits; animal and bird sightings are common along the Mohaka River.

Check out the Mohaka Rafting website.

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