Secret Spot Hot Tubs Rotorua

Prize: Hot Tub for 2 people with a complimentary drink

Secret Spot was the brainchild of brothers Keith and Eric Kolver while they paddled on a remote river in a storm, freezing.  They dreamt of being warm, sipping hot drinks in a hot tub which spurred them on. They often stopped for a thermal swim after their adventures and decided to bring their “secret spot” concept into the lime light for others to enjoy. 

Offering 12 cedar hot tubs, seating 6 bathers for a soak up to 45 minutes long in a forest and stream setting, the tubs are connected by board walks and are a toastie 38 to 40 degrees, with push button drinks service.  Also try the Shinny Dip foot hot tubs (8 mini tubs) which are free to use if you buy a drink at the bar.  There is also fresh bakery food and craft beverages too.  Curious? Learn more by visiting it’s the buzz in Rotorua at the moment. 

Secret Spot is delighted to support the Virtual Race New Zealand by offering a hot tub soak to each of the prize winners and throwing in a complimentary drink to enjoy while you soak!

Check out the Secret Spot Hot Tubs Rotorua website.

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