Shotover Canyon Swing

Prize: Tandem Canyon Swing

Shotover Canyon Swing is the world’s number one canyon swing! Situated in the stunning Shotover Canyon, this is the only swing in the world where you can be released or choose to jump yourself from our platform. 

There are heaps of original ways to take the plunge past the cliff face too. From sitting and we release you, to going forwards, backwards, upside down, do flips, gainers, handstands, on a trike, off a slide, in a bin or on our world famous chair! Our swing is the highest tandem jump in the world too!

We haven’t even mentioned our staff yet! If you are scared, they will help you leave the edge and face your fear. Feeling brave – our crew are there to have some fun and take your experience to the next level and have you screaming for more! 

Often considered the highlight of peoples trips to Queenstown, why not come out and see what all of the fuss is about.

Shotover Canyon Swing are pumped (bad bike pun) to be a part of the Virtual Race NZ. We are offering a tandem Canyon Swing so you and a buddy can jump together and share the experience. Happy Swinging.

Check out the Shotover Canyon Swing website.

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