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Prize: Wanaka 4x4 Explorer Tour

As we leave Wanaka township in one of our water taxis heading north, the lake narrows as the steep mountains on either side of Stevensons Arm closed in. A winding high country track in the distance hints at things to come. Exclusive access to this stunning part of the country means you won’t have to share it with anyone else. 

Take a deep breath! The Landrover’s nose raises as it starts to climb….and climb, the views expand as you leave the lake behind. High country sheep scatter, interrupted in their daily feeding and as we bounce on by, as we level off the expansive vista of Lake Wanaka and the surrounding Alps will take your breath away.

Time for a breather and a photo stop, before continuing the climb. Your experienced 4wd guide has a lot of knowledge. He will take these opportunities to give you a great overview of the history of the settlement, the gold rush, farming and the fascinating glacial and geology history of the area.

Continuing the climb we come to our final lookout, views of Mou Waho Island, Mt Alta and the stunning glacial valley which holds Lake Wanaka with its dark blue clear waters hundreds of feet below. Time to relax, have a coffee or a wine, enjoy your picnic and take some time soak it all in. 

At Wanaka Water Taxi & 4×4 Explorer we are proud to have access to this incredible part of the country and are pleased in conjunction with Virtual Race New Zealand to offer you the chance to come and enjoy the Wanaka 4×4 Explorer Tour with us.

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