Wanaka Water Taxi

Prize: Mou Waho Island tour

Wanaka is a friendly relaxed town, set on the shores of the deep dark waters of lake wanaka. Glacial action thousands of years ago carved out this valley creating the lake’s deep bays, long arms and islands.

Boating up the lake past steep mountains, cliffs and great views of the Southern Alps, sets the scene for the most interesting and beautiful of the islands, Mou Waho, a predator free nature reserve holding fantastic bird life. The Arethusa pool is a beautiful lake carved into the top of the island by glacial action, sitting above the lake with views of the pool and surrounded by lake Wanaka itself is one of the must do’s in Wanaka.

Our skippers are full of local knowledge and enjoy imparting this to our guests. The history of the town and its early settlement, the gold rush, early tourism and the fascinating geological and glacial past leave you with a great overview of the stunning landscape. 

Wanaka Water Taxi is proud to be associated with the Virtual Race NZ and is offering A Mou Waho Island trip for 2 and we look forward to welcoming you to our special place when you come here.

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