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Prize: Weta Workshop Tour

Weta Workshop is a five-time Academy Award-winning creative design and practical effects company that services the world’s creative industries. We’re also a hub of creativity with a diverse and passionate crew who love making cool stuff! Our tours are our chance for us to share that with you.

Like Weta Workshop itself, our Tourism offering came from humble beginnings. We got our start in 2008, when Weta Workshop co-founders Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger – seeing the vanloads of hopeful Lord of the Rings fans pull up outside the workshop each day – opened the Weta Cave shop. Full of cool stuff to explore, buy, photograph, or simply gawk at, the shop quickly became an iconic landmark in the sleepy suburb of Miramar. 

Our Weta Workshop tour guides are storytellers first, tour guides second. Sure, it’s our job to get you from A to B – but where’s the fun in that? Our mission is to take you on an epic journey through the imagination. We’ve got all sorts of tools at our disposal: first-hand anecdotes, behind-the-scenes stories, movie effects secrets, tips, tricks, and more. Just as each tour guide is unique, so too is every tour!

More than simply giving you an insight into our creative process, Weta Workshop tours are our opportunity to share our passion and love for what we do, with you.  

Weta Workshop is delighted to support the Virtual Race New Zealand and is offering a double pass for our Original Weta Cave Workshop Tour. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Check out the Weta Workshop website.

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