Unique and unspoiled, Clutha has amazing wildlife, wonderful waterfalls, beautiful beaches along with a rich gold mining heritage.

Clutha lies on the east coast of the South Island with a rugged splendour and charm that showcases real rural New Zealand at its regal best.

A captivating coastline where the animals still rule along with vibrant rivers boasting some of the finest fishing. Relaxed farming communities dot the rolling countryside with New Zealand’s largest, fastest river, named after Clutha itself, weaving an emerald ribbon through the region.

The enchanting Catlins, a world of lush forest and cascading waterfalls, is easily accessed on foot. Perfect for those in search of wild, untouched places, the Catlins is the jewel of the Clutha region and offers a wealth of walking tracks to explore more.

Journey to Nugget Point and you’ll see fur seals, Hooker’s sea lions, sea elephants and rare penguins in the wild. While here, walk the track to the huge lighthouse. Perched on the edge of a cliff high above the coast, it makes for a beautiful photo – especially at sunset. Combine this with a visit to Cathedral caves which soar skywards from the sandy shore, and your visit becomes a unique experience you’ll never forget.

Some of The Many Attractions

Amazing Wildlife

Clutha is home the world’s smallest and rarest penguins along with the planet’s most endangered sea lions and smallest dolphins. You can also see fur seals, elephant seals and even wild goats. In case that wasn’t enough there are some of the South’s rarest birds like the Mohua (yellowhead), rifleman and parakeets along with some of the best birdsong with lots of tuis and bellbirds. Let’s not forget the shags, herons, kingfishers, gannets and oystercatchers. Oh and the rivers are full of some of the best brown trout.

Amazing Scenery

There are six separate spectacular falls all close to each other in the Catlins. Each has its own feel and character with beautiful bush walks to each and every one. Triple tiered Purakaunui or majestic McLean, the double delight of Matai and Horseshoe and the slightly more hidden gems of Koropuku (on the Chaslands Highway) and Barr falls (just south of Owaka).

Amazing Views

Nugget Point is an iconic panoramic platform on the Catlins coast with one of the country’s oldest lighthouses perched above the famous rocks named by Captain Cook because they looked like pieces of gold.

It’s a short stroll to the Tokata lighthouse, with sensational views of the big blue beyond. If you look down onto the rocks below the lighthouse, you'll see a colony of fur seals frolicking in the surf, make sure you bring your binoculars. It is also home to some of the world’s rarest penguins and one of the only places you might see seals, sea lions and elephant seals in the same area. 

Prizes generously donated by tourism operators from this area that you could win!

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